Deep Wave Hair

Posted by on 4/14/2017 to Deep Wave Hair Care Tips

Taking Care of Deep Wave Hair:



Deep wave and Kinky Curly hair requires more maintenance than other types of hair but with the proper products and care your hair can last you a very long time. Taking care of deep wave hair is a process, it is not a wash and go type of hair. If you are looking for a wash and go please checkout our straight or body wave hair as those require little to no maintenance. 





Q: What products should I use in my curly hair?

 A: After researching and testing many different products we have found that The best products (which are also affordable) are Cantu Complete Conditioning Co Wash and Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream.


Q: How often should I wash my curly hair?

 A: We recommend washing your curly hair once a week, at this time use the Cantu Complete Conditioning Co Wash, this co wash acts as a shampoo and conditioner and will take all of the dirt and impurities right out of your hair, after you wash your hair with this product your curls will be refreshed!


Q: What should I do to my curly hair at night? 

A: At night you should put your hair in 2-4 two stand twists with a hair tie at the end and wear a silk bonnet, this will prevent hair from breaking and keep your hair silky.



Q: What if my curly hair looks frizzy between washes?

 A: Use a drop or two of any Anti-Frizz serum onto your hair, be careful not to use too much so that your hair doesn’t appear greasy!


Q: After I wash my curly hair what should I do to it? 

A: If you need to wash your hair and go we suggest you use a blow-dryer on medium heat with a diffuser, If you have time we recommend putting your hair in 2-4 two strand twists and letting your hair air dry. With both you will get great results but air drying is always healthier for your hair!