VIP Seller Program

Platinum Dream Hair VIP Seller Program

click on the link above for a short video on the program.


You set up and control your own website or selling platform.

You bring in your own customers


How Does it Work?

When a customer places an order with you, simply email us or call/text us with the products you need. We have set up a dedicated email and phone number just for our VIP seller program.


After your order with us is confirmed, we will send you a Paypal invoice for the products and shipping cost to your customers. You set your own profit!


Provide us with your customers shipping information. In 3 business days we provide you with copies of tracking labels so that you can send tracking information directly to your customers.


We simply label with your brand, and ship directly to your customers using the ship from address you provide to us.



How will this make me money?

Unlike other programs you set your own profit and run your own business!


We provide you with VIP Pricing that is equivalent to our wholesale rates, you set your own price per bundle with your customers!


For Example: Under our VIP Program you would pay $180 for an order that has an 18”,20”,22” bundle. If you choose to sell to your customers for $220.00 plus shipping you would make a profit of $40! You make the sale and we do the rest.




Does it cost anything to do this?


There is a one-time $99 set up fee that includes:


100 Personalized product labels with your logo

When your orders are shipped we use your branded stickers

Stickers are free of charge after the first 100 are gone.